DNA Allergy Reprogramming (DARe)

Eliminate any Allergy


Do you hate allergy season? Would you like to stop being allergic to seasonal pollens, various molds, as well as dust and pets?

  • Would you like to eliminate your allergic reactions, such as sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose and never need to take an allergy medication again?
  • Do you have to avoid eating the foods you like because you are allergic to them?
  • Do you have an allergic reaction to air fresheners and other fragrances?
  • Would you like a simple, easy, self-help method to get rid of your sinus allergies, seasonal or not ?
  • What would your life be like if you didn’t have to have repeated allergy tests or years of allergy shots
  • Are you interested in being able to stop your childs allergic reaction when and where it happens?

Truth, not fiction

DNA Allergy Reprogramming Clearing
Can actually eliminate any Allergy Permanently

Let me tell you my story and how it led me to create this amazingly effective method of allergy elimination.

When I was a child I constantly had allergy symptoms. I was always sneezing, sniffling and looking for a Kleenex to wipe or blow my nose. I can hardly remember a time that my nose wasn’t plugged. When flu season came around I’d catch colds that would often progress to bronchitis. My mother, who was a nurse, gave me penicillin shots.

She diligently took me to the allergy doctor who had told me that I was allergic to everything. I got allergy shots twice a week for years! In the end, they didn’t work. I took allergy pills on his advice and they didn’t work either, but instead made me tired and irritable.

Years later, after becoming a doctor, I was introduced to what are called allergy elimination techniques. As I was still suffering from my own allergies, I began to research the possibilty that allergies really could be eliminated permanently.

I began treating my patients with these techniques. Over the years I modified and improved upon them. This led to me creating my own technique - Intant Allergy Relief. As I began to use this system to treat people with allergies, they began returning to my office to report that their allergic reactions had stopped.

The DNA Allergy Reprogramming clearings I give clients at my clinic every day eliminate the need for tedious-expensive allergy shots as well as the side effects from allergy medicines and noxious inhalers. It is a simple, effective method that eliminates common allergies, or sensitivities.

Many people have contacted me and said, “Dr. Ted I want to get rid of my allergies but I cannot come to your clinic.” To help these people I created a portable version that enables them to achieve the same results I do in my clinic.

It is important to realize that allergy symptoms can take control of your body, tricking it into believing that what is going on is actually NORMAL.

I moved from being a former chronic allergy victim to being my first testimonial. I effectively rid myself of my symptoms and am confident that you can achieve the same results. 

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Hypothyroidism and Allergies

It seems that thyroid problems whether they be an underactive thyroid or an overactive thyroid are affecting an epidemic proportion of our population.   I’ve observed time and time again that there is a strong connection between thyroid disease and allergies. Simply stated an autoimmune disease is an allergy to your self. 

An underactive thyroid may be the result of eating  foods containing gluteninsulin resistance, GI infections, Estrogen Dominance, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Iodine Excess and VCR Polymorphism. Common complaints are fatigue, depression and an inability to lose weight. It is probable that your thyroid cells are being destroyed by autoantibodies which cause an elevation in thyroid TSH levels.

What you might not realize is what preceded your hypo thyroid condition. Perhaps your body has been tricked into believing that your thyroid gland is foreign tissue.  Although this isn’t true, this is exactly what is happening in a person with an autoimmune thyroid condition.

Learning Center: When an antigen-allergen comes from the body’s own thyroid gland it is referred to as an autoantigen, which means we are allergic to ourselves. The antibody that attacks the thyroid gland is referred to as an autoantibody. This means we produce autoantibodies against ourselves. When a disease is characterized by the production of autoantibodies, it is called an autoimmune disease.

There are a lot of “A” words in this paragraph and even I find myself getting confused. Let’s go over it once more. When we are having an allergic response our body sees a foreign substance as an allergen aka antigen. In this case your body has incorrectly labeled your thyroid gland as a foreign substance and your body’s response is to produce autoantibodies that attack it.  

DNA Allergy Reprogramming (DARe) clearings reprogram your DNA to prevent the body from producing these autoantibodies.

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Many people with Hypothyroidism have one or more of the following three types of anemia.

  1. Pernicious anemia or B-Vitamin anemia:  You are unable to absorb or assimilate B Vitamins, especially B6,B12 and folic acid.
  2. Iron deficiency anemia:  You are allergic to iron and/or ferritin.
  3. Autoimmune anemia:  Highly likely if you already have an autoimmune disorder

Hypothyroidism is associated with high antigenic loads such as gluten (already mentionded), iodine, bacterial infections and the heavy metals they bind to. Remember antigen = allergen. Thus it’s likely that you have an allergy to one or all of these substances.

Use DNA Allergy Relief to treat these anemias

Some people have various mold/fungus in their bodies. The immune system will try to tag the mold and can even end up attacking  organs  like the thyroid or ovaries.

The typical medical response to hypothyroidism is iodine supplementation.  This treatment may be inadequate especially if, after taking iodine, you experience anxiety, nervousness, palpitations or insomnia. These are signs that you may be  having an ALLERGIC reaction to the iodine.  In this case,  the iodine is possibly making things worse and  may even cause you to lose even more thyroid tissue.

The other approach is prescription medications like Synthroid or Armour Thyroid which can often result in the patient not experiencing any improvement.  The reason for this is that the iodothyronin deiodinase enzymes (D1, D2, and D3) may not functioning properly.

A person with Hypothyroidism can be either TH-1 or TH-2 dominant. The best way to find this out is to have your doctor run a panel for this.

  • People who are TH-2 dominant will get worse when they use TH-2 stimulators like caffeine, licorice or green tea. People who are TH-1 dominant will feel better using these substances and worse when they take TH-1 stimulators like astragulus, echinacea or mushrooms.

Did you know that there is a strong correlation between an autoimmune thyroiditis imbalance and a gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease aka gastrointestinal (GI) inflammation?

This 2007 headline endorses my point:

Hidden Food Allergies…
Indigestion, Inflammation and Auto Immune Disease

Here’s some things you can start doing today!

1. Think about starting to eliminating  GRAINS/GLUTEN (this includes corn) from your diet.  This may help you get some energy back and possibly lose some weight.  You’re likely to feel so good you just might want stay gluten-free.  An allergy to GLUTEN will usually produce bloating and fatigue after consuming bread and other wheat/grain products.

2.  People with hypothyroidism are likely to be Vitamin D deficient and may require  mega doses of Vitamin D.  Other things that deplete Vitamin D are stress, obesity and GI inflammation.

Vitamin D is misnamed.  It is actually a hormone which supports T-regulatory cell function. That means it helps fight allergies. In order to assimilate Vitamin D most effectively it is best taken with Vitamin E, EPA/DHA, glutathione and SOD. Vitamin D and Glutathione are both important immune modulators.




Do you have Rosacea? It's caused by the Human Demodex Mite

Get the Instant Allergy Relief Kit and
Do a clearing for the Human Demodex Parasite

After more tha 30 years of medical research, a team of Chinese doctors isolated a tiny parasite called Human Demodex. This mite causes the complexion to become rought, lumpy and red.

The species that are particularly troublesome for us are Demodex folliculorum, D. Brevis, D cati and D canis due to cross contamination from cats and dogs respectively. Both species are primarily found in the face, near the nose, the eyelashes and eyebrows, but also occur elsewhere on the body.

If you have Rosacea it's likely that you are infected with this Human Demodex mite. For some reason your body sees this parasite as normal and does not engage in a response to protect itself.  Getting the Instant Allergy Relief Kit and doing a clearing for Human Demodex is a viable solution to this common problem.  This clearing will download new software that allows your body to become aware of the parasite and once the body identifies the problem, the body begins to fix the problem.

You can now perform an Instant Allergy Relief Clearing for Human Demodex with the Instant Allergy Relief Kit

Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your personal health care provider before changing any medication.


DNA Mutations: A Matter of Life and Life

Inside each cell in your body, DNA undergoes frequent chemical change, especially when it is being replicated. Most of these changes are quickly repaired. Those that are not result in a mutation. Thus, mutation is a failure of the DNA damage repair system (DDRS).

DNA mutations take various forms. There are transitions, transversions, missense mutations, nonsense mutations, translations and the list goes on with silent and splice-site mutations. There are also insertions and deletions to be concerned with as wells as translocations.

Many of our bodies have been taken over by the species Candida and it's 85 strains, multiple fractions and other members of it's family. Candida turns off our bodies DNA damage repair system increasing the rate of mutations that occur.


Do you have a Blood Lipid Allergy?

 I made a quick Jing about a new insight I just received re: treating heart disease which certainly has something to do with blood lipid levels. I'm formulating an Instant Allergy Recipe for Heart Health starting with the healing intention = Even though my blood lipid levels are not normal.



Instant Allergy Relief Survey Reply

Thank you spending your time to completing my survey. Based on the information you provided I want to share the following:

About ten years ago I was introduced to the fields of Allergy Elimination and Energy Psychology which I merged together. Based on the conventional wisdom of the time I'd been taught that eliminating allergies was a ridiculous concept that couldn't possible work. That was until I got results that defied logic year after year. . . client after client. Whether it was a simple food allergy, a more complex inflammatory condition, or a tougher autoimmune disease these clients eliminated their allergies and recovered their health. I was content serving the people who could come to my clinic in Edmonds, WA.

One day I started getting emails from places like London, Sydney and Tel Aviv asking me if I could help them with their diabetes and yeast-candida infection (both autoimmune allergies). I decided right than and there to figure out a way to create a home study course that would enable do-it-yourselfer's to perform Instant Allergy Relief in the comfort of their own homes no matter where they lived. The Instant Allergy Relief Manual enables you to do just that.

But let's take a look at your situation: The questions I put in the survey were skewed to give me specific information. They tell me that you are being attacked by high levels of free radicals, your digestive system is "sour", your adrenal and thyroid glands are weak.

You have inflammation that's burning you up from the inside-out. The Chinese call that internal-heat.

Oh, you've had lab work and it shows abnormal-high levels of ANA. That's Lupus! It's not all that questionable. To make matters worse that's not the only autoimmune disorder that you are already manifesting. Let me make this as simple as I can



Here’s the ACTION STEP: Learn  how to reinstall your DNA System Software. To do that you also need to remove programs with DNA damage that cannot be repaired and reinstall a fresh copy of these programs. That’s what the Instant Allergy Relief Manual teaches you to do.



Use Instant Allergy Relief to Stay Healthy throughout this Holiday Season

Instant Allergy Relief
 is the culmination of 12 years of research and development. It is a clear systematic method that reliably and reproducibly eliminates any kind of allergy. After many years I was able to produce a manual that teaches you how to do my technique at home. You’ll learn how to clear everything from food allergies to an allergy to pollens that causes hayfever. 

Once you’ve built up Flush Leftsome confidence clearing simple food allergies you might try clearing for an allergic reaction to a virus or bacteria which typical presents as cold symptoms - especially during the fall and winter seasons.

Imagine having an allergy and being able to eliminate it in minutes without long-term allergy shots or ongoing medications. There are no risks and better yet no side effects. 

In follow-up studies, patients contacted many years after their initial clearing report no reoccurring allergy event. I remember thinking that Ellen Cutler was over confident when said wrote in her 1997 book “Winning the War Against Asthma and Allergies” that the BioSet technique eliminates allergies permanently. Many scientists avoid words like permanently it doesn’t leave much room to hedge. Yet I too have seen the permanent nature of eliminating allergies using Instant Allergy Relief since 1999. Now you can too!






Instant Allergy Relief - A Revolutionary BioEnergetic Therapy

The title of Alexander Lowen’s book “Bioenergetics: The Revolutionary Therapy that uses the Language of the Body to Heal the Problems of the Mind” is a useful image that also describes Instant Allergy Relief. He was surely ahead of his time as Lowen published this in 1994. 

Essentially allergic diseases are disturbances in the body’s biofield. Instant Allergy Relief is a technique that applies biofield energy medicine to neutralize an allergens ability to trigger an allergic reaction in your body. It combines methods culled from Energy Psychology with those from the lessor known field of Allergy Elimination to balance subtle energies by tapping or shining a phototherapy light on specific acupoints. 


The Instant Allergy Relief Manual will teach you to speak a new language. One that Russian genetic researchers used to reprogram DNA. You will also learn how to physically communicate with your Biofield using energy tapping and by applying phototherapy so you can talk to your wireless energy body. You will in effect be transforming a state of incoherent, disordered energy into a once again coherent state.


When you are communicating with the your Biofield you access electromagnetic pathways that are different from nerve pathways. “In this atomic age of science, we realize that matter itself is but a mass of spinning energy wave-particles which appear as solid substances. In reality they appear that way because of a constant flow of energy between all parts and portions. As soon as an energy circuit is interrupted, changes begin to appear which, in the human body, are interpreted as pain, allergy, or disease.” - Dr.Randolph Stone 1946

I believe I was guided to the knowledge and information that enabled me to create Instant Allergy Relief. We are energy beings, driven by light, fueled by food, made of water and sustained by oxygen. Our energy fields are entangled. Using the Instant Allergy Relief technique gives you an easy to use method that follows principles being studied at the University of Arizona “Laboratory for Advances In Consciousness and Health”. 

The key ingredient in using any self-help method to heal is making and taking the time perform the self-help action and to do it consistently. An Instant Allergy Relief clearing takes 30 minutes to do and the body will tolerate one or two clearings a week. Instant Allergy Relief is a valuable, powerful technique which I hope you will receive benefit from doing.

Be Allergy Free - Ted Edwards DC


Why Grains are no longer good for us?

Bad news is prion-like proteins spread through yeast. They can also spread through grains. How? Simple prions grow in fungus and fungus grows in all grains. This is the reason I've been intuiting for several years now that grains are no longer good for us and should not be considered staples any more.

Grains contribute to and flare-up an existing yeast-fungal infection which is present in pretty much anyone who has had more than one round of Anti-Biotics.

Fungi grow readily in grains such as corn, wheat, oats and barley

Here's an article revised in March of 2000 that discusses the fungi that are commonly found in each of the grains mentioned above and those found in other food groups as well. . . .


Instant Allergy Relief for Yeast-Bacteria Infections

Many years ago I added a clearing to my top 12 for Yeast - Bacteria. At the time there wasn't much online about this connection. That's changed.

"Candida albicans Interactions with Bacteria in the Context of Human Health and Disease"

Bacterial and fungal co-infections have been implicated in enhanced host colonization and virulence. For instance, C. albicans and Escherichia coli exhibit a cooperative interaction wherein E. coli enhances adhesion of C. albicans to bladder mucosa and increases the likelihood of fungal urinary tract infections [3].

Likewise, the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia due to infection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa is markedly greater in patients colonized by C. albicans [4], and accordingly, antifungal treatments can reduce the likelihood of developing this systemic disease [5].

Moreover, denture stomatitis, an inflammation of the oral mucosa in denture wearers, is influenced by the presence of C. albicans and other oral microorganisms [6].

In fact, several studies demonstrate an association between C. albicans and oral bacteria such as Streptococcus (Figure 1A), Actinomyces, and Fusobacterium species [1], [7], and these physical interactions likely contribute to denture colonization and oral candidiasis.